African American worker writing inventory list while checking stock in storage room.

Your Bridge from Germany to Kenya

At Power Logistics, we understand that your shipping needs are as unique as your cargo. Our mission is to simplify the complex world of international shipping, connecting you to Germany’s goods and ensuring your shipments arrive safely and efficiently in Kenya.


Our mission is to simplify the realm of shipping, creating seamless connectionsbetween individuals abroad and fostering a convinient link with our families in East Africa.


Our goal is to offer shipping services to kenyan residents in Germany(Europe) and revolutionize the shippingindustry. We aim to simplify the shipping process, making it more convinient for our customers.


Zahir Azikiwe

Of course I can give a rating. I wanted to give my parents my old car but i didn't know how to get it home. Power logistic helped me and safely shipped the car to kenya. My parents were very happy about it.

Erica Engels

I had old school desks shipped to kenya for a school construction projest. Power logistic has proven to be a very reliable partner. The tables were picked up from me and arrived safely in Kenya.

Tumaini Dala e.V

We sent sewing machines back home with the last shippment and they arrived safely without a scartch on them. Tumaini Dala e.V says Thankyou so much for your services, and we will be back.

Leander Okoye

Since I started shipping with power logistic, I've never looked back. Now my projects back home are moving forward as planned. Thank you so much for your services, I hope I could help you guys with this review!